Year 3 (GDPM4)

Development of Ideas and Concepts – Proposal

Below are links to my proposal (a written version and visual version) for the Graphic Design Practice Module 4.

Click here for Written Proposal.

Click here for Visual Proposal.

Graphic Design Practice Module 4 (GDPM4)

The topic of my project was Mental Health Problems. I aimed to educate people about mental health issues and challenge the stigma and discrimination that mentally ill people face. A full review of the module and week by week reflection can be found here.

My main aim was to produce a book which contained information about mental health problems. This was targeted at both those who have experienced mental health problems and those that have not. People with mental health issues and their family and friends would find this book beneficial as it contains information about certain illnesses and ways of coping with these. Those without experience of mental health problems can use this book to improve their knowledge of the subject. PLEASE CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW THE BOOK.


In addition to the book I have designed several posters. These posters are split into several sections. The first few are related to the book by using similar illustrations and content. Others contain quotes or statements relevant to the topic. The typographic posters contain quotes (specifically those by Stephen Fry and J.K. Rowling) as well as other statements. These are in the same style as the typographic pages in the book. The last few are a different idea using the original hand rendered experiments undertaken throughout the project. These still relate to the overall project due to their content and use of logo.

Professional Practice:

For the exhibition I have had my book bound by and have produced personal business cards to promote myself. For the cards I used the same illustration style as I did with the major project work so that people who take my card may remember the work I have done when they look at it in the future.

book Book2 Book3 Business cards


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