Week-By-Week Planning


Semester 2

Week 19

Tues 11th June – The exhibition needs to be brought back to the college to be set up ready for next week. I need to be at college for 11:45 to receive the work, boards etc which should be delivered around this time. The afternoon will then be focused on setting up the exhibition.

Week 18

Mon 3rd June – I intend to hand in my Professional Practice and Presentation module today. Before hand I will need to double check that I have covered all aspects of the module.

Tues 4th June – This is the final deadline for the Professional Practice and Presentation module, so if I am unable to hand in on Monday I must hand in today.

Weds 5th June – I have been placed in the group that helps to load all the exhibition stuff into the van to which will take everything up to London. I need to be at the college at 8am.


29th-31st May. I need to have all my display work mounted by Friday. On Friday I also need to bring in my book and business cards which will also be presented at the exhibition. For the remainder of the week I will continue with research into postgrad options. The final deadline for this module is 4th June.

Week 16

22nd-24th May. During this week there will be individual meetings to discuss our plans for the exhibition. I need to make sure that I am present for this. I will also continue with my research about post-grad options.

Week 15

15th-17th May. I need to decide on my final business cards so that I can send them off to be printed. I would like to get feedback from a couple of tutors before I do this. I also need to continue thinking about and planning my contribution to the exhibition. I also need to conduct a health and safety risk assessment as this is a requirement of the module.

Week 13

Weds 1st May. Today is the hand in date for GDPM4. I have all my designs finished and uploaded onto my blog. I need to make sure that all 6 of my sketchbooks are labelled correctly ready to be handed in by 5pm, although I should be able to do this earlier. At 1pm there is going to be a meeting about the professional practice module which I need to be present for.

Fri 3rd May. As the major project has been handed in the main focus now changes to the professional practice module. There will be a branding meeting about the logo so I need to make sure I am around for that and bring my logo ideas. Over the next few weeks I will need to think about how my work will be presented at the exhibition and also about my own personal promotional materials.

Week 12

24th-26th Apr. As hand in is next week I need to make sure that my book is completely finished. This will involve looking for spelling errors within the body text and any other small changes that need to be made. I also need to decide on a final book cover designs. As well as this I will continue to make posters based on both the book and the topic of mental health and challenging stigma.

Week 11

17th-19th Apr. My book is almost complete. I began working on a front cover over the Easter holiday but I need to finalise this soon. I am also going to continue working on some poster ideas. I also designed a logo over the Easter period which I may be able to use to link the book and posters together.

Week 10

27th-29th Mar. I am going to attempt to have all my pages set up and almost, if not complete by the end of the week. I still need to design the front cover for the book and I must remember to edit pages I have already completed as due to adding in two spreads the pages numbers have changed. There is also one illustration that I need to change slightly. I am going to continue developing my poster ideas also. On the Wednesday there will be a branding group meeting where I will need to have with me my ideas for the logo of the exhibition. Friday, college will be closed as it is Good Friday, then the next two weeks are the Easter break, so ideally I need to make sure I have done as much as I can this week that I need to be in college for. I plan to work from home over the next couple of weeks, which should be possible as I have most of what I need at home.

Week 9

20th – 22nd Mar. Continue putting spreads together. Also think about what tutor said in the tutorial next week… e.g t-shirt designs, pack of cards etc. I plan to try to create some posters based upon the illustrations that I am including in my book.

Week 8

13th-15th Mar. Begin to put layouts together in InDesign. I will try a variety of layouts until I find one which I think works best. Interim Tutorial on Friday with tutor.

Week 7

6th – 8th Mar. If I get the chance I want to look at alternative illustration ideas. I plan to adapt the illustrations that I have done so far, so that they will fit across a double page spread in a book format. I also want to begin thinking about layout possibilities for the other pages,

Week 6

27th Feb – 1st Mar. Continue developing ideas for a book about mental health illnesses. This includes illustration, typography and layout as well as written content.

Week 5

20th-22nd Feb. Experiment digitally with the illustrations I have done over the weekend in order to produce a range of designs that could be used on pages within a booklet. On Wednesday there will be a group activity related to the Professional Practice and Presentation module.

Week 4

13th-15th Feb. I have spoken to a mental health professional who is interested in what I am doing. She has agreed to give feedback on my work when appropriate. She also gave me an idea to explore related to helping others with mental health problems. This week I intend to continue to develop possible outcome ideas thinking about content, design and illustration/typography style. On Wednesday there will be an interim crit so I must be ready to explain my ideas so far.

Week 3

6th – 9th Feb. In order to try to reduce my anxiety over the project and be able to focus better without panicking I am going to begin thumb nailing and brain storming all my ideas. I currently have loads of ideas and am unsure which direction to go. Once I’ve got it down on paper I hopefully will be able to work out how to go on, whether I choose a specific direction or whether I choose a few ideas and experiment with them until I decide which idea is best.

Week 2

30th Jan – 1st Feb. This week I am going to continue with typography and illustration experiments. I will also experiment with the photographs that I took over the weekend. I also want to be thinking about what direction this project will take and how I may go about this.

Week 1

Weds 23rd Jan. Interim Crit. In small groups I will need to discuss my ideas and progress so far. This will include mentioning the general theme of the brief, a summary of the progress I have made so far and why I have been doing what I have done, and what I plan to do next. Currently I am between different outcome ideas which is OK but I need to continue to experiment with ideas in regard to illustration and typography.

Thurs 24th Jan. Focusing on illustration techniques. Even though I will not be creating final art works I will still keep to my general theme so that the illustration could be used or developed upon later in the project.

Fri 25th Jan. Continue with illustration experiments, possibly with some digital experimentation.

Semester 1

Week 13

Weds 12th Dec. Print out two copies of thesis and bind them ready for hand in. I may possibly be able to hand in today.

Fri 14th Dec. Final hand in date for Thesis.

Week 12

Weds 5th Dec. Meeting about the major project brief.

Week 11

Weds 28th-30th Nov. I need to write my introduction and add in bits or change some words as suggested by a tutor last week. I need to send this in before Thursday for another proof read.

Week 10

Weds 21st-23rd Nov. To have over 5000 words written by Thursday. I have already done this but I will still write more, possibly starting on a conclusion.

Week 9

Weds 14th-16th Nov. The new target is to have between 3000 and 4000 words by Thursday. I have already written this amount however I intend to reach over 4000 words.

Week 8

Weds 7th – Fri 9th Nov. Now that the Development of Ideas and Concepts module is complete I can focus on the thesis this week. I have already emailed my proposal and first essay draft to a tutor. I needed to have completed 1500 words by Friday. I have done 2700 so far and will continue to write more even though I have already achieved what needed to be done this week. I want to get ahead with the thesis so that I am not rushing to finish at the end (although this has never happened before) and so I will have time to edit what I have written.

Week 7

Weds 31st Oct. Hand in day for the Ideas and Concepts module. I have completed all work in advance. All that is left if presenting my ideas however I am not sure how I will cope with this.

Thurs 1st Nov. Continue writing essay. I ought to start on the proposal also as I don’t want to leave that until the last minute.

Fri 2nd Oct. College closed. I will try to continue with the essay at home.

Week 6 

Weds 24th Oct. Try and finish visual proposal so that I can get a final copy printed. I need to finalise the design of the pages and cover.

Thurs 25th Oct. Continue writing a section of the thesis. Think about the proposal also.

Fri 26th Oct. College closed. If haven’t finished visual proposal I will work on this at home. If not I will concentrate on the thesis module.

Week 5

Weds 17th Oct. Scan in all the hand rendered work that I did at home over the weekend and begin to put pages together in InDesign. I should then see what else I need to experiment with by hand.

Thrusday 18th Oct. Continue to write sections of my essay and maybe start thinking about my proposal for the these.

Fri 19th Oct. Continue from where I reach on Wednesday. Hopefully by now my visual proposal will be well on the way.

Week 4

Weds 10th Oct. Start planning, with theumbnail sketches, ideas for the visual proposal. I need to work out what will be going in my proposal (it will be based on the written version). So far I am thinking od producing a book so I need to work out what will go on each page and then work on design ideas.

Thurs 11th Oct. Make sure I have a plan for my essay. If possible begin writing or discuss ideas with a tutor if I am struggling to work out what to write about where.

Fri 12th Oct. Begin, if possible, to use InDesign to put the pages of my visual proposal together.

Week 3

Weds 3rd Oct. Today I am going to start writing my proposal ready to hand in a draft version on Friday. In order to do this I need to look at my questionnaire results. So far the questionnaire that anyone could answer has 47 replies but the one targetted at those with mental health issues only has 25 replies so far. I have given some copies to Student Services and outside of college at EIP so hopefully by next week I will have a few more answers.

Thurs 4th Oct. I am going to continue reading things for research. So far I am finding it difficult to define what British culture is. Also I am unsure how I will get an idea of a debate in my essay. I also want to start putting together an essay plan so I can see what I need to find more information on and start to write the essay.

Fri 5th Oct. I need to hand my first draft of my proposal in today. I need to begin planning how I will visually present this proposal. I am thinking of making a small book so I may need to start designing ideas for pages.

Week 2

Weds 26th Sept. This week I want to put together my ideas for a questionnaire. I need to mind map ideas for questions and target audiences.

Thurs 27th Sept. I have saved a lot of links to google books and pdfs. I need to read through these and highlight all the relevant sections. This way I can work out what information I have and what I need to find still.

Fri 28th Sept. By the end of the week I want to have made my questionnaire and be ready to give it out to people to fill in. I need to email Student Services at the college to see if there is anyway they could help me distribute the questions to students who may have experienced a mental illness.

Week 1

Weds 19th Sept. Development of ideas and concepts. I am looking at the idea of doing a mental health campaign as a project. I have researched into various illnesses, charities and organisations etc. I have also looked into the media and cultures and how they affect peoples mental health. I have also researched a little about how to explain mental health to children, special needs teens and students. I need to continue my research and work at a questionnaire to help me get more information.

Thurs 20th Sept. Thesis. Talk to tutor about ideas and get relevant books out from the library.

Fri 21st Sept. Talk to tutor about my ideas. I need to work out what I need to research for ideas and concepts. I’m feeling quite stressed out at the moment but hopefully once I get a list of things to do I will feel a bit better as I will have something to focus on.



Week 15

Weds 9th May – Fri 11th May – Most of my work is finished and I need to print everything out ready to be handed in. I must check everything through first so that there aren’t any mistakes or things that I could improve on.

Week 14

Weds 2nd May – Make sure final draft of essay has been sent to tutors before 9am.

Thurs 3rd May – Continue with book cover developments that I started over the weekend. I need to experiment with typography for the titles and authors names so that it is eye-catching but also in keeping with the rest of the design.

Fri 4th May – Keep continuing the above until a final outcome is produced. I need to make sure the book covers work as a set as well as individual covers.

Week 13

Weds 25th April – Research into book publishing companies for the Professional Practice module. This will give me more knowledge of this area of the industry which will help out not only for this module but for myself generally.

Thurs 26th April – Develop book jacket ideas using the experiments I have done at home over the weekend. Continue putting together the booklet for the final part of the Professional Practice module.

Fri 27th April – I need to think about what style of book cover I am going to take forward to become my final outcomes. I like and dislike aspects from all my ideas so far so this is quite a difficult decision to make. I may develop more than one idea forward to the “final” stages and then decide which I prefer.

Week 12

Weds 18th April – Hopefully I will get my essay and proposal drafts back and I can do any necessary corrections. If I have time I want to work out what I am going to write in my Professional Practice booklet.

Thurs 19th April – Work on self-authored brief. I have done lots of work over the Easter break but there are still a few more drawings I need to do to replace the ones I am not happy with.

Fri 20th April – Bring in all practical module work for a review.

Week 11

Weds 28th March – Continue editing essay. Make sure proposal for Self Authored brief is written.

Thurs 29th March – Continue drawing out possible illustrations for all book covers in the same style (tonal sketch with black fine liner)

Fri 30th March –

Week 10

Weds 21st March – Make corrections on essay and brainstorm ideas for each book in GDPM3 project that I want to attempt to produce book jackets for.

Thurs 22nd March – Start experimenting with illustration for book covers.

Fri 23rd March – Continue with experiments.

Week 9

Weds 14th March – Continue with essay writing.

Thurs 15th March – Either today or tomorrow find out more about book binding. Begin self authored project.

Fri 16th March – Continue with research for self authored brief. I am thinking of designing book jackets for children’s books to encourage them to read traditional book formats rather than e-books. So I need to research appropriate things for this project.

Week 8

Weds 7th March – I plan to have done a lot more research and be thinking about a plan for my essay so that I can write my 300 word proposal.

Thurs 8th March – I am going to begin to put together my presentation boards for my YCN work. This would be what I submit for the competition.

Fri 9th March – Find out more information about getting my book bound for the historical event module.

Week 7

Weds 29th Feb – At home I need to do lots of research so that I can start putting together an essay plan. There will be a session on writing a proposal which i need to be there for.

Thurs 1st March – at 2pm there will be the group presentation for the BrandOpus project.

Fri 2nd March – I am going to look back at my historical event work and re-do one of the drawings for the book. I have been intending to do this for ages and can’t start binding my book until I have done this.

Week 6

Weds 22nd Feb. Bring in theory work and proposed essay titles for individual tutorials. Bring in professional practice work to discuss brand ideas with group.

Thurs 23rd Feb. Group work. Come up with a brand name and logo, packaging ideas.

Fri 24th Feb. Continue working in groups. Plan the presentation.

Week 5

Weds 15th Feb. Bring in notebook for lecture.

Thurs 16th Feb. Work on typography and various colour experiments for competition work.

Fri 17th Feb. One to one tutorial to look through my work to make sure I am on track. Continue with self promotion and Peacocks work.

Week 4

Weds 8th Feb. Bring in things for lecture. Bring in last weeks essay complete to hand in.

Thurs 9th Feb. Produce 2 more posters in similar ways to the 2 I have already done but but using new illustrations and photographs. Start working in pirce tag designs. Possibly look at me self promotional work.

Fri 10th Feb. Try and come up with a strap line for Peacocks. I need to continue developing my ideas for price tags.

Week 3

Weds 1st Feb. Bring in Critical Theory work including completed work from last week.

Thurs 2nd Feb. Experiment more with adding colour to my playing cards. Using the experiments I did with different media over the weekend, try out various ideas.

Fri 3rd Feb. Try to come up with a final idea(s) to develop further so that I can start making my ideas properly.

Week 2

Weds 25th Jan. Bring in theory book and note book for lecture.

Thurs 26th Jan. Bring in work for professional practice and GDPM3. Continue with ideas and exploring various graphic design companies.

Fri 27th Jan. Continue developing competition brief experiments and begin to come up with ideas to take on further.

Week 1

Weds 18th Jan. Bring in book to write notes in during lectures.

Thurs 19th Jan. Bring in Professional Practice sketchbooks and GDPM3. Need to start on design ideas for the competition brief.

Fri 20th Jan. Bring in competition work and begin to experiment with various ideas.



Week 13

Thurs 15th Dec. Essay hand in 11am.

Over Christmas. Begin research and ideas for chosen competition brief.

Week 12

Weds 7th Dec. Check Harvard Referencing.

Thurs 8th Dec. Fully finish pages of book so that I can bound them together. Safe Assign essay.

Fri 9th Dec. Continue with professional practice module and look into competition briefs.

Week 11

Weds 30th Nov. Work on professional practice and GDPM3 from home.

Thurs 1st Dec. Work on book pages. Experiment with different colours and layout.

Fri 2nd Dec. Develop card ideas futher. I need to work more on the back of the cards now.

Week 10

Weds 23rd Nov. Continue with essay. Possible research more into the idea of aura.

Thurs 24th Nov. Continue producing layout ideas for pages of book. I need to do some more drawings to include in one of the layouts.

Fri 25th Nov. This week I have been trying to produce watercolour paintings for my playing cards however I have found this very hard and stressful especially as I can’t make the images turn out the way I want to. So I need to keep trying. I need to bring my sketchbook with the research about Miles Donovan in it.

Week 9

Weds 16th Nov. Hand in my draft of 1,947 words and get given feedback in order to help me write the final 553 words of the essay.

Thurs 17th Nov. Over the weekend I have produced many illustrations and have been experimenting with typography to use in the book. I need to make sure I scan these in and start working out layouts on the computer. I know I still have quite a few illustrations and experiments that I need to do so I need to get on with them during the day.

Fri 18th Nov. I really need to work on my professional practice module. If I get the chance I want to talk to a tutor about my ideas (or lack of ideas) so that I can get an idea of what I am trying to achieve.

Week 8

Weds 9th Nov. Hand in my first 700+ words essay draft. Continue writing the essay using the research I have done over the past week.

Thurs 10th Nov. Start working on ideas for book. Unsure at the moment on what I am doing.

Fri 11th Nov. Continue with Self-Promotion as I haven’t done much on this since starting the Arup brief.

Week 7

Weds 2nd Nov. Bring in all research so far for essay. I should have started planning what I am going to write about. I need to spend time collecting more resources and starting the essay.

Thurs 3rd Nov. Continue with information design. I want to get the layout finished. I am doing all of this in Adobe Illustrator. I cannot do this at home so I need to make sure I finish it in college.

Fri 4th Nov. Case Conference at 1:30pm. I need all my sketchbooks for all three modules with me. If I have not already finished working on the Information Design poster then I want to try and finish it today. If I do finish I need to continue working on my self-promotion work.

Week 6

Weds 26th Oct. Bring sketchbook and notepad ready for lecture. Begin to think about what question I will answer for my essay. At the moment I am between two ideas because we have not had one of the lectures yet. I want to wait until after the lecture before making a definite decision. I then need to start getting my research together. Meeting at 10:20 to discuss my essay ideas.

Thurs 27th Oct. At home I have thought of an idea I am fairly happy with so I want to begin putting this together. On Thursday I know that I need to do some more sewing. I am going to sew the words WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHAT and WHY. I also need to make lots of symbols to go on the InfoDesign poster. I also may sew the title of the poster however I haven’t quite decided what this will be yet. I also need to see if I have a photograph of railings from my London Project last year which I can use otherwise I will have to take some photographs.

Fri 28th Oct. Make sure everything is finish for the Arup project. I then need to find out how to submit my work. If I get the chance I want to continue with the Information Design poster because I feel I have got a bit behind as the last two weeks I was really struggling to come up with an idea so now need to get a move on and start putting it together.

Week 5

Weds 19th Oct. Bring my critical theory book with me with all work from last week in it.

Thurs 20th Oct. I want to begin the Information Design poster. At home I hopefully will have begun to think about ideas so I should be able to lead on from there. Also I should bring my Professional Practice sketchbook with me so that if I get a chance to continue with my ecard design I can.

Fri 21st Oct. Continue with Arup ecard design. There should be a visit from someone from Arup who I may get the chance to show my current idea to.

Week 4

Weds 12th Oct. I need to bring my completed work from last weeks trip to the V&A Museum.

Thurs 13th Oct. I need to have finished my typographic posters or have done as much as I can on them. They are more or less finished already but I need to make a couple of changes on them. I need to be prepared to move on to the next stage of the project.

Fri 14th Oct. I must finish my drawings before this day so that in college I can hopefully start to work out how to animate my work.

Week 3

Weds 5th Oct. V&A Post Modernism trip. I need to bring my sketchbook, note book and something to write with.

Thurs 6th Oct. I need to bring in my (hopefully finished) experiments in order to continue developing my poster ideas digitally. I want to be able to finish all my poster ideas by the end of the day.

Fri 7th Oct. I need to continue developing my ecard idea for Arup. At home I have started developing my idea already but I need to work out how the ecard would work.

Week 2

Weds 28th Sept. Bring in critical theory book with the work I completed at home last week in it and a note book to take notes.

Thurs 29th Sept. Bring in Historical Event sketchbook. Also bring in all the experiments I have done at home and my scans on a pen drive ready to start developing posters digitally.

Fri 30th Sept. Bring in Professional Practice sketchbook with research about Arup and ideas I have come up with so far for a christmas ecard.

Week 1

Weds 21st Sept. Bring in note pad and the Ken Garland Manifest that I have read for Critical Theory.

Thurs 22nd Sept. Bring in sketch book for GDPM3 in which I have started drawing out ideas, and start developing these ideas more. Also bring in sketchbook for Professional Practice.

Fri 23rd Sept. Bring in sketch book for professional practice and continue coming up with ideas and researching.


Thurs 15th Sept. Induction day. Bring in summer work.




Week 16

Weds 18th May. I need to print out my double paged spreads. I want to do a couple of things in my drawing book.

Thurs 19th May. Print 3 copies of essay but make sure my number (and not name) is on them. I need to make sure my presentation is finished as well.

Fri 20th May. Make sure I have fully finished everything ready for hand in. Hand work in early.

Week 15

Weds 11th May. I need to make sure my spreads are completely finished in that my mass body text is perfect. I may bring my drawing module book with me so that I can be getting on with other work if I have completed my spreads.

Thurs 12th May. During the week I will need to have looked through my essay and make sure my Harvard Referencing is all correct because today there should be a chance to use safe assign to make sure I haven’t plagiarized anything. I also need to be getting on with my Powerpoint presentation to make sure it is the best I can make it.

Fri 13th May. I want to make sure I have enough example of each thing we have done each week. If there are some things that are lacking or some things that I could improve then I will do this. However firstly I need to make sure that I have complete the schematic drawing task.

Week 14

Weds 4th May. Experiment with double page spreads for example different typefaces and colours. I have now produced two spreads that I am happy with but I think it would be good to try a couple of different things.

Thurs 5th May. Write out what would be said with each slide of the presentation.

Fri 6th May. Print out photos of 3D model and produced drawings from them. 

Week 13

Weds 27th April. Develop editorial spreads experimenting with colour. Add in body text (my synopsis and a couple of online reviews), headlines and captions.

Thurs 28th April. Begin to put together Powerpoint presentation.

Fri 29th April. College Closed.

Week 12

Weds 6th April. Sketch out lots of double page spread ideas. I need to write the first 100 words of the copy which will go on the spreads.

Thurs 7th April. Try to finish essay as much as I can.

Fri 8th April. Sketch out more ideas for spreads then begin to create spreads in InDesign.

Week 11

Weds 30th March. I need to scan in the illustrations I did at home and put them together in Photoshop. I want to experiment with boarders as well.

Thurs 31st March. Write conclusion of essay.

Fri 1st April. Complete illustrations.

Week 10

Weds 23rd March. At home I have re drawn Romeo however I am still not pleased with it so I could try redrawing him again. I need to scan in my other work and experiment with them digitally. I also need to draw and paint a few more things

Thurs 24th March. I need to get my tutor to read through the 700 words or so that I have already written for my essay and then continue writing it.

Fri 25th March. Continue developing illustrations. Bring drawing book in for the drawing module.

Week 9

Weds 16th March. Bring in drypoint because I may get the chance to print it. I need to think about developing my illustrations. I want to try to edit some of my paintings in Photoshop.

Thurs 17th March. Make sure I have a plan for my essay. Continue developing illustration ideas.

Fri 18th March. Keep working on the illustration work. I want to try adding different background colours to get different effects.

Week 8

Weds 9th March. Begin painting an image of Juliet sitting on a wall. Possibly start drawing out the wall as well in fine liner. Or come up with an alternative idea.

Thurs 10th March. Finish painting/drawing if not already done so then begin editing them in Photoshop. Also continue researching for essay.

Fri 12th March. Continue editing in Photoshop or begin painting another image if I have decided what other scenes on the play to illustrate. I need to make sure I bring in my etched image for the drawing module in order to create a drypoint.

Week 7

Weds 2nd March. Begin illustration section of the project.

Thurs 3rd March. Experiment with different styles. Research into essay topic.

Fri 4th March. Continue to experiment and maybe edit some ideas on the computer.

Week 6

Weds 23rd Feb. Complete 4 final program cover ideas and begin the next part of the brief: illustrations.

Thurs 24th Feb. Continue beginning illustration work. Bring in theory work and any research for essay.

Fri 25th Feb. College closed.

Week 5

Weds 16th Feb. Continue with typography version and illustration version of play cover.

Thurs 17th Feb. Develop idea of masks (photos which have been drawn over).

Fri 18th Feb. Bring in drawing book with artist research in it.

Week 4

Weds 9th Feb. Continue developing ideas. I need to really think about what could work as a program cover as I am stuck for ideas.

Thurs 10th Feb. Think more about Typography idea for play cover.

Fri 11th Feb. Develop ideas further.  Bring sketchbook with five new drawings in for Drawing workshop.

Week 3

Weds 2nd Feb. Start to experiment more with my initial ideas.

Thurs 3rd Feb. Continue experimenting, e.g scratching words onto a photograph or drawing masks over faces.

Fri 4th Feb. Continue with experiments. Think about purely typographic play covers as well. Bring book in for drawing module.

Week 2

Weds 26th Jan. Assessment Feedback.

Thurs 27th Jan. Begin thinking of ideas for play covers.

Fri 28th Jan. Continue drawing out thumbnail sketches for play covers.

Week 1

Weds 19th Jan. Begin Shakespeare project. Think of ideas.

Thurs 20th Jan. No college.

Fri 21st Jan. Drawing tutorial…



Week 12

Weds 8th Dec. Try to finalise my magazine spreads. (GDRM1)

Thurs 9th Dec. Continue with developing adverts. (GDPM1). Make sure I have Harvard Referenced my essay correctly. (GDTM1)

Fri 10th Dec. Try to complete 4 final adverts. (GDPM1)

Week 11

Weds 1st Dec. Continue to develop magazine spread outcomes and try too complete two possible ideas which I could develop further as my final pieces. (GDRM1)

Thurs 2nd Dec. To begin to make my adverts using digital applications. (GDPM1)

Fri 3rd Dec. Continue with adverts development. (GDPM1)

Week 10

Weds 24th Nov. I am going to think of more ideas for the magazine spreads as I don’t think my ideas are working at the moment. (GDRM1)

Thurs 25th Nov. Begin to plan out ideas for my adverts. I need to think of a range of different ideas and then keep on experimenting.

Fri 26th Nov. Start to develop advert ideas digitally.

Week 9

Weds 17th Nov. Begin to put together spreads in InDesign. I have taken photos outside of college to use on one of the spreads. (GDRM1)

Thurs 18th Nov. Develop logos further and try to choose some final ideas (GDPM1). Continue with writing my essay. Try to get a draft version finished by the end of the afternoon (GDTM1).

Friday 19th Nov. Begin to look at advertisement ideas. Sketch rough ideas out for an advert for and against visiting Angel Islington.

Week 8

Weds 10th Nov. Continue to sketch out spread ideas. (GDRM1)

Thurs 11th Nov. Continue drawing logo ideas (GDPM1). Continue with research and work related to essay. I have change my question to Bauhaus (GDTM1).

Fri 12 Nov. Continue with logo ideas. Possibly begin making them on the computer (GDPM1).

Week 7

Weds 3rd Nov. Try to finish final poster outcomes/begin to look at ideas for double page spread. (GDRM1)

Thurs 4th Nov. Create Spec sheets for alphabet. (GDPM1)

Fri 5th Nov. Continue with spec sheet ideas. (GDPM1)

Week 6

Weds 27th Oct. Start developing my final ideas for posters. (GDRM1)

Thurs 28th Oct. Produce alphabet digitally. (GDPM1)

Fri 29th Oct. College closed.

Week 5

Weds 20th Oct. Continue developing poster ideas on the computer. Possibly try to use InDesign to do this (GDRM1).

Thurs 21st Oct. Continue to develop alphabet (GDPM1). Bring essay for theory work (GDTM1).

Fri 22nd Oct. Draw out alphabet ideas onto graph paper to help with the scale of the letters. (GDPM1)

Week 4

Weds 13th Oct. Draw up thumbnails for poster ideas and begin putting together these ideas on the computer (GDRM1).

Thurs 14th Oct. Find out how to go about creating an alphabet based on Islington (GDPM1).

Fri 15th Oct. To continue with work relating to the alphabet (GDPM1).

Week 3

Weds 6th Oct. Trip to London for a lecture at St Bride Library (GDRM1).

Thurs 7th Oct.  Continue developing drafts of 4 posters (GDPM1). At home I need to finish analysing two compositions from two of the movements we have looked at as a class (GDTM1).

Fri 8th Oct. To have finished all 4 posters and printed them A3 size (GDPM1).

Week 2

Weds 29th Sept. I intend to learn how to use Adobe InDesign to help me produced my typographic posters in the next few weeks. (GDRM1)

Thurs 30th Sept. Begin to put together my ideas on the computer for the London project and to look at different type faces and media (GDPM1). At home I need to finish answering the questions related to the timeline created last week (GDTM1).

Fri 1st Oct. To continue putting together my ideas and to produce 4 A4 drafts of my work to hand in at the end of the day. At home I need to think about what materials I may need for my final outcomes. (GDPM1)

Week 1

Weds 22nd Sept. Begin Intro to Typography brief. (GDRM1). For next week I need to choose which typographers (4 out of the 8 I looked at over the summer) I am going to use to produce posters and magazine spreads for and research more into these artists

Thursday 23rd Sept. Draw out 25 ideas for typographic compositions (GDPM1). Begin Graphic Design Academic Skills (GDTM1).

Fri 24th Sept. Develop 8 coloured thumbnail sketches from my 25 original ideas. I need to decide which 4 out of the 8 I am going to use as my initial ideas for the 4 typographic posters that I am going to produce. I also need to look at different fonts and media that I could use. (GDPM1)



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