Hazel Stainer.
Ba (Hons) Graphic Design

This blog was originally intended to showcase my graphic design and illustration work, but in recent years my aspirations changed. Whilst I still enjoy designing, my love of writing, reading and researching is much stronger. Every friday, I post a blog about a recent exhibition or museum I have visited (or a topic of interest if I have been unable to travel). This year (2020), I received over 11,000 visitors to this blog, which is phenomenal. If you would like to support my work, please consider becoming a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hazelstainer

I passed a proofreading course in 2018 and won the runner-up Student of the Year Award. I am listed as a “Top Reviewer” on Netgalley and post hundreds of book reviews on Goodreads. I am open to book reviewing and proofreading commissions.

I completed my Graphic Design degree in 2013 with a 2:1. I was very pleased with this, particularly as this period of time was difficult for me. During this course, I developed a liking for illustration and, therefore, lean towards using hand-rendered images in the designs I produce. All examples of my degree work can be found here.

Due to health reasons, I am currently unemployed but occasionally take on small commissions. Most of these are on a voluntary basis for my local church. I have had the odd paid commission for logos, greeting cards and posters, and always receive positive feedback. My recent work includes designing the website for Gants Hill United Reformed Church.



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  1. I’m a volunteer at the London Canal Museum and was very interested and pleased to read your reference to the museum in your recent post. In 2019 we hosted a special event celebrating Carlo Gatii and his family’s contribution for which we did some extensive research.
    Also you may be interested in a project currently being initiated by the Canal & River Trust developing audio tours of canals. If you are interested I suggest you contact them.

  2. Hi Hazel, I really loved your piece on the Canal Museum; I work there and would love to have you do a Zoom event with us; perhaps a talk or something of your choosing; would you be interested? If so, please email me vtm@lcmemail.co.uk (Richard)

  3. Dear Hazel,

    Greetings. My name is Lawrence Lebarge and I discovered your book blog through your listing on BookSirens. Based on your very perceptive reviews and description of your interests, I believe you might enjoy reading Lillian on Sunday: Stories of the Human Heart, a new book by Lionel Walfish which will be published by FriesenPress in early June, 2021.

    Lillian on Sunday is an elegant and lively collection of true-to-life stories achieving that rare combination of literary merit and entertainment value. Many of the tales are moving and insightful, while others are a laugh-out-loud delight. The book’s real triumph is in its creation of characters that are realistic, engaging and deeply interesting.

    I am attaching the back cover blurb here:

    Lillian on Sunday: Stories of the Human Heart is an elegant and lively collection of highly entertaining short stories exploring the rich nature of human existence. From love stories and city fables to ghost stories and intense character studies, these illuminating tales are filled with engaging individuals coming face-to-face with the unexpected realities of life:

    A lonely woman picks up a young and handsome stranger in a Montreal park and discovers there is more than meets the eye…a retired high school Latin teacher receives a cryptic note from a former student and is forced to face his past…a down on her luck ex-food critic in London cooks up a brilliant scheme to keep on eating for free…an anxious woman from Long Island tries hypnotherapy to get over her fear of flying and ends up taking the trip she will never forget…an actor’s ‘big night’ on Broadway goes horribly off script when an audience member tries to steal the show…

    Lillian on Sunday takes the traditions of the classics and gives them a modern and sophisticated twist. Charming, dark, funny, and deeply insightful, these beautifully crafted stories are bound to move, surprise and delight.

    Advance Praise:

    “Exquisite writing” -Jason Crager (U.S.A.)

    “His ability to tell the tale, with the minimum of words, is unrivaled” -K. J. Walker (U.K.)

    “Great powers of description” -Chris Green (U.K.)

    “The characters and truths are all universal and ageless” -Nicholas Cochran (U.S.A.)

    Hazel, would you be interested in reviewing Lillian on Sunday? As Lionel Walfish’s publicist, I would be happy to send you a digital ARC copy of his book (PDF) at your convenience in exchange for an honest review.

    Thank you for your time and considering this request.


    Lawrence Lebarge

  4. Your tab on book reviews says to contact you on Goodreads to request a book review, but your account on Goodreads says you are not accepting messages. Are you no longer doing book reviews? I have an YA Urban Fantasy I’d appreciate a review on.

  5. Hazel,
    On Dec. 21, 2022, Five Star Publishing / Gale / Cengage will publish my feminist historical novel The Strange Courtship of Kathleen O’Dwyer. The novel follows the protagonist on a journey of self-discovery in 1828 across the Great Plains, into Nuevo Mexico, and through the Rocky Mountains. Here are the Barnes & Noble link: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b/fiction/books/_/N-1sZ2usxZ29Z8q8 ,
    my Facebook author’s page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083610392381 , ISBN 13: 9781432895662 and a Amazon link https://www.amazon.com/Strange-Courtship-Kathleen-ODwyer/dp/1432895664/ref=sr_1_22?qid=1667337161&refinements=p_n_publication_date%3A1250228011&s=books&sr=1-22 . Hardcover. https://www.gale.com/five-star . Would you be interested to receive a pdf ARC for possible review? If so, I realize that 12/21/2022 is fast approaching, so if I have to wait for your review, that’s fine.
    Robert Temple

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