Kingsley Choral Group 50th Anniversary

My big design project of 2016

The Kingsley Choral Group turned 50 this year, and I was honoured to take part in the preparation of their Anniversary concert. Usually a member of the choir designs the adverts, tickets and programmes in Microsoft Publisher for their biannual concerts at Trinity URC, however this year they wanted something special: a professionally designed souvenir programme.

Having heard through my Mum (a choir member) that the KCG committee were considering commissioning a professional designer but were worried about the costs, I offered to volunteer my graphic design skills. So began a huge project to produce the perfect souvenir programme.

Initially I was provided with an image/illustration idea from the founder of the KCG for the front page – a pair of conductors hands – which I faithfully attempted to use, however the designs were just not working for me. Through experimentation I came up with an alternative idea, one that I was quite proud of, and, thankfully, so were the committee. (The design was apparently applauded at their following meeting.)

With the hardest bit completed the next couple of months were filled with almost weekly meetings with the KCG secretary to discuss the content, layout and printing requirements. Most of the time it was a case of reworking the pages as information was updated and to assure the layout was exactly as the KCG committee and founder wanted it (after all, the client is always right!)

With two weeks before the concert, the final printed programmes arrived. Here is how it looked:
Final Programme

The concert itself was a great success, and perhaps the best performance the KCG has given – at least in recent years. With previous members returning to join in on the special evening, the music and singing was tremendous. Beginning with the more formal pieces such as Fauré’s Requiem before moving on to the more upbeat medley of various favourites of the KCG, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Being such a prestigious occasion, the choir took the opportunity to thank and present gifts to the founder, Tom Johnson, for all his hard work over the past 50 years. There were also special mentions and thank yous to many other people (myself included!) who helped to make the evening such a success.

Although I have had many people congratulating me on my programme design, I would like to thank the Kinglsey Choral Group for providing me with this work experience, which has helped to boost my confidence. I am someone who struggles with holding conversations, meeting new people and worrying about not being good enough: so THANK YOU KCG for giving me the opportunity to prove to myself that I CAN do these things!

P.S. Vera, sorry for temporarily taking your role of programme designer away from you. The position is once again all yours!