Self Promotion

Year 2 Self Promotion

Through research I found out that companies sometimes prefer to have something in their hands to look at rather than view designer’s work online. I thought that instead of just designing a business card, which could be eventually thrown away, I would design something that could be useful or kept for a longer period of time. I chose to produce a pack of playing cards because this gave me the opportunity to create illustrations (Jack, Queen, King) and experiment with typography. Last year I developed a couple of different illustration styles so I used and combined these styles in order to produce the illustrations for the picture cards. I included contact details (my email address and blog) on the backs of the cards along with a design that may at first look typical of traditional packs of playing cards however it is made up of the letters of my name repeated over and over again. Once the designs were completed I got them printed using so that the final outcome would look professional with rounded corners and printed on thick paper suitable for this type of product. Although this self promotion strategy does not lead down a specific design route it shows that I am capable working with a combination or illustration, typography and layout.

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