Book Cover Ballet Shoes

Year 2 Self Authored Brief

For my self authored brief I decided to produce book jackets for a series of books that I called Puffin Collectables. Rather than redesigning puffin classics which have recently been rebranded, I decided to come up with a new, special edition brand to encourage children (mostly between the ages of 8 and 12) to collect more books rather than opt for the new ebook versions. My ribbon idea on the covers means that when the spines are all placed together there is a continuous line of ribbon going from one book to the next. This connects all the books together at it means that the collection can grow in the future.
On each cover I have drawn an image that relates to the story. The backgrounds also connect to the story in some way, some more obvious than others. I tried to use bright colours to make it more appealing to children but the style of illustration does not alienate older readers who may be interested in reading the books.

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