Bringing the Bible to Life: Let’s Colour

Since the colouring book phase does not to appear to have faded, Bible Society have produced a colouring calendar for 2017. With twelve pages to complete for the year ahead, there is a lot of fun to be had personalising each design.

However, this is not just a promotional item on behalf of Bible Society, it is designed with the intent of sharing Scripture and encouraging people to engage with specific bible verses.

I hope my work helps people recall the Bible, so they can remember it or visualise it. I want what I do to be an encouragement, and to help people trust God.

Emma Skerratt, a British graphic designer, spends hours illustrating Bible verses. For this calendar she has selected twelve powerful verses from the English Standard Version that particularly stand out and illustrate God’s love for each and every individual.

Due to the size and scale of the illustrations, there are quite a few tiny sections to colour in. Sharp pencils will definitely be needed – pen will probably bleed through the double sided pages. Whether you are a pro, or just enjoy colouring, there is enormous fun to be had with this calendar. As a bonus, you get to feel closer to God. With a suggested donation of 50pence, there is not much to prevent you from getting your own copy.


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