Art Group. July 2016

This month I have experimented with a few different art styles, although you can probably still tell they are all produced by the same person. To begin with I continued using colour but soon went back to black and white pen drawings – partly to do with time scale. My “safe” method of sketching is to crosshatch, which I did on a couple of pictures, but I also tried to come out of my comfort zone by attempting something different.

Recently I have begun to find pointillism quite calming (except when my wrist begins to ache) and decided to try it out during a couple of art sessions. I also attempted to produce something slightly more abstract than my usual outcomes. I was inspired by a couple of things I saw online: e.g. lightbulbs containing misplaced objects. Using this idea (but not copying a design) I drew a bulb with a candle inside – an attempt at irony.

Those who read my blog last month will know that I was asked to submit a couple of drawings to displayed at an open event. I did this and have received many positive comments. I decided to send in my drawing of a dragonfly as well as the drawing I did of Donald Duck, which I am actually quite proud of. Not only were these displayed on the actual day, they are still up on the walls today. They were loved so much they have decided to keep them on display!

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