Art Group. April 2016

Last month I set myself a goal to draw from photographs whilst at Art Group. Oops, I forgot! But I have made a big step forward in developing my drawing skills. As you can see from the examples above, three out of five of my completed work contains colour! In the past I have relied on the use of shading with either a granite pencil or a fine tipped pen to make my outcomes three dimensional. This time I decided to use colour pencil to achieve the same result.

I bought myself a set of colouring pencils that contained several shades of each colour so that I could experiment with shading and gradients. One person asked me how I learnt to colour in like this, but the truth is I did not learn, I worked it out using logic and my knowledge of shading techniques. Instead of colouring in the bananas in one shade of yellow, which seems the obvious thing to do, I used two yellow pencils AND a black, brown and green pencil. By doing this I was able to add shadow and make the image more realistic.

The downside to producing art work like this is it is time consuming! I am used to drawing two to three images per session, whereas sometimes I only managed to complete half a drawing. On the other hand, I am pleased with my outcomes, so the hours I spend drawing and colouring are worth it, right?

Current work in progress:


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