Art Group. January 2016

Above are the drawings I did in Art Group this month. As I explained in my post last month, I am practising my drawing skills. All five of these drawings I copied from artworks I found on Pinterest. Naturally they are not exactly the same as the originals, but I cannot claim that they are 100% my ideas.

Only once did I use colour, as I prefer black and white sketches. There is something softer about the pencil drawings that I like, which gets lost when drawn in pen. When studying for my degree the tutors encouraged us to move away from pencils and to experiment with other media. As a result of this I developed a style using fine liner pens, and never really got to grips with drawing with pencils.

I am pleased with the progress I am making. Whenever I start a drawing I doubt myself. “I can’t do this.” “I’m rubbish.” I am always surprised with the final outcome – proof that I CAN do this, and I am NOT rubbish. Although I am only copying from other images, I want to keep practising so that one day I can draw straight from my imagination.


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